Whirling Toy Windmill

Whirling Windmill (4).JPG

When Veronika was quite tiny, I took her outside to marvel at a pinwheel. A mere few months later, she’s so much more aware and alert. We played this indoor version today, and I loved seeing her fascination with and exuberance for a pinwheel!

Whirling Windmill (1)

First, I simply sat her down and blew on the pinwheel to show her the motion. Her eyes went wide immediately!

Whirling Windmill (3)

There are two ways you can keep the fun going. First, I let her hold the handle, while I blew and we watched the colors spin.

Whirling Windmill (2)

But she was way more interested in the second method: I held the handle, and she used her little hands to flick the pinwheel around and around.

Whirling Windmill (6)

It was quite quickly her favorite toy of the day, occupying her solo play for long stretches. What a simple and yet perfect toy.

Whirling Windmill (5)



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