Airplanes (8).JPG

Veronika’s still a little too young to notice airplanes in the sky (it will be a few more months before those excited fingers point skyward every time a plane flies overhead!), but she’s just the right age to be a plane.

For some cute context, first we played with a small airplane toy.

Airplanes (2)

Veronika loved the propeller on this one!

Airplanes (1)

Then she got to be the plane. There are two ways to do this. If your baby still needs some support, lie on your back and hold him or her against your knees. Three, two, one… Lift off!

Airplanes (5)

She loves flying around up here.

Airplanes (4)

But her muscles are also strong enough now for liftoff right from mommy’s tummy. This time, I lay down with knees bent, but placed Veronika on my stomach and held her around the middle. Three, two, one… She’s flying!

Airplanes (7)

As you fly your baby around, make lots of zooming airplane noises. You can also get silly: Sometimes I make the captain’s voice announce take off, landing, or even getting delayed, and lift her quickly back up and then down again for a false start. That last one always gets giggles.

Airplanes (10)


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