Cardboard Tube Marble Run

Marble Run (9).JPG

This DIY marble run is a fantastic way to get your kids engineering and learning about laws of motion – all while they just think they’re playing!

I saved up cardboard tubes (from toilet paper and paper towel rolls) for a few weeks, until we had a good-sized collection.

First we needed to decorate our tubes. Travis loved covering them with washi tape, and insisted on being in charge of snipping off the pieces of tape we would use.

Marble Run (2)

Next, we cut the tubes open, which he also loved doing!

Marble Run (1)

If your child wants to, decorate the inside of the tubes with marker or crayon. But at this point, Travis was so excited to design our marble run that he said let’s skip the markers!

Marble Run (3)

We headed over to a blank portion of wall, and I taped up the first tube with masking tape. Slowly, we decided where each tube needed to go.

Marble Run (4)

This part will involve a bit of trial-and-error, and a few test runs! Check to see where marbles bounce out or fall off tubes, and adjust accordingly.

Marble Run (7)

I recommend placing a small container with sides at the bottom to catch the marbles.

Marble Run (5)

We were so proud once we had a run that perfectly deposited the marbles inside our container.

Marble Run (8)

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