A+ for Teachers

A+ Teachers (5)

May 7 is National Teacher Day, so in appreciation, Travis put together “report cards” for his two preschool teachers!

A+ Teachers (1)

Ahead of time, I bought a few packs of school-themed stickers. These served as helpful prompts as I asked him to think about how his teachers help him. For example, cookies and juice reminded him, “They help me at snack time.” Glue, scissors, and paint jar stickers reminded him, “They help me with crafts.”

A+ Teachers (2)

We also added a few more abstract ideas, like “they are patient with me” or “they encourage me.”

Of course for each sentence, we graded his teachers an A+! Once he’d written in his name, the cards were complete.

A+ Teachers (4)

What will you do for your kids’ teachers in appreciation? Please share in the comments!


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