Straw Rockets

Straw Rocket (8)Travis and I have been launching all kinds of things lately, from marshmallows to disks. Today, we made little rockets that could have races!

Cut squares of construction paper that are 3 inches x 3 inches. Make as many of these as you’ll want rockets.

Straw Rocket (1)

Wrap each piece of paper around a straw, making sure it is loose enough to fly off the straw when needed. We secured these with tape.

Straw Rocket (2)

Although there’s no need to, it was fun to add decorations. Travis soon was swirling pipe cleaners into all kinds of creations!

Straw Rocket (3)

I helped with one that was recognizably a “rocket,” as well as a few silly ones. Definitely have fun with these; we even had a little alien with googly eyes.

Straw Rocket (5)

We used hot glue to affix our pipe cleaner creations to our paper pieces. Now our rockets were ready to launch!

Lift the straw to your lips and blow, and see how far it flies.

Straw Rocket (7)

You can even turn it into a race, and see whose rocket flies furthest.

Straw Rocket (6)

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