Travis vs. Veronika

Trav v Vron (13).JPG

If you have more than one child, six months old is a great age to take stock of a few things. I thought it would be fun to look through the monthly photos I’d taken of each kid and do a side-by-side comparison. Looking through the pix will be fun for the whole family, too.

I printed wallet-sized sets of the pictures so I could put them in a book for both kids to enjoy. Let’s take a peak!

Here they are at birth, each one only hours old.

Trav v Vron (3)

Little 1 month olds!

Trav v Vron (4)

2 months old – I feel like their little personalities are starting to show up in their expressions.

Trav v Vron (5)

It looks like I have a thing for pastel pants at 3 months old!

Trav v Vron (6)

But I definitely didn’t plan it that way!

Trav v Vron (7)

And for navy blue at 4 months old.

Trav v Vron (8)

By 5 months, I can really see the boy Travis will become.

Trav v Vron (9)

Will the same hold true for Veronika?

Trav v Vron (10)

And finally, my 6 month old kiddos:

Trav v Vron (11)

It was also interesting to go back and make a few notes on when they each reached milestones. For instance, I found in my baby journal that Travis first rolled at only 2 months – but he only rolled sporadically thereafter. Veronika, on the other hand, waited until she was 4 months old – but then she never stopped, and spent all her time on her tummy!

Veronika was the first one to sit, just before her 6 month birthday. It took Travis longer, until nearly 8 months before he was truly stable on his own. Some other differences? Travis’s first food was pea puree; Veronika’s was banana mash. Travis was 6 lb 3 ounces at birth; Veronika was 6 pounds 11 oz.

It was adorable to go through the pictures with the kids during snuggle time.

Trav v Vron (12)

We’ll see how they compare with crawling and walking and other milestones, as time goes on!



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