Snowstorm (4).JPG

Here’s a fun and simple sensory jar for your baby: an instant snowstorm no matter the season!

Fill a small plastic water bottle about 2/3 of the way with rubbing alcohol. Drop in a few things to swirl in the snow; small buttons are fun, and I also added gold and silver sequins. Next add about 2 teaspoons white or silver glitter. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with vegetable oil.

Snowstorm (1)

Note: you can also tint the alcohol blue with food coloring if you want, but I found that this makes it harder to see the “storm” and preferred a clear version.

Snowstorm (3)

For security, duct tape on the lid. Now swirl for your baby!

Snowstorm (5)

This works well if you roll it on the ground in front of him or her.

Snowstorm (8)

Veronika also loved looking at it up in the air though.

Snowstorm (7)

And wanted to snatch it from my hands!

Snowstorm (6)

If you’re trying to encourage a first crawl, roll the bottle along the floor and see if your baby will go after it!


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