Secret Treat

Secret Treat (6)

There is so much you can do with highchair games at the age of about six months. Babies are learning to pick up food, about the cause-and-effect of things being hidden, and all about different taste sensations. This game plays on all three!

Select a food your child likes (or one that’s new and exciting!) and have a napkin or cloth handy. I let Veronika see a few carrots on the tray…

Secret Treat (1)

…but then covered them over.

Secret Treat (2)

It took her little hands a few moments, but soon the scarf was lifted; probably more to play with than to find the food, but surprise! Carrot sticks.

Secret Treat (3)

Then I pulled out one of her favorite Baby Led Weaning foods: mini rice cakes.

Secret Treat (4)

I showed her the cakes, but then hid them away.

Secret Treat (5)

She eagerly grabbed at the scarf.

Secret Treat (7)

Ha, got them mommy! Then of course baby gets to enjoy the snack as a reward.

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