Young Musician

Young Musician (5)

Toy pianos are a fantastic instrument for babies who have graduated beyond the most basic noisemakers (like maracas and bells). These first instruments (drums, maracas) give baby an immediate connection between their action and the noise that follows. Pianos are one step more sophisticated; the key makes a noise when pressed, but the mechanism (hammer and string) is unseen.

All that aside, what baby doesn’t love just banging on the keys? Certainly Veronika took right to it! I played a few notes and she came crawling over.

Young Musician (2)

Her little fingers were soon pounding along.

Young Musician (4)

For extra fun, this is a good chance to go through a children’s songbook to play simple ditties. You can introduce baby to classics you might have forgotten about, like London Bridge, The Muffin Man, Three Blind Mice and more.

Young Musician (1)

As I played, she grabbed my fingers and wrists to join in.

Young Musician (6)

Toy electric keyboards are fun for babies too. Veronika presses every button and loves the way she can vary the sounds.

Young Musician (9)

Here’s to my little musician!

Young Musician (10)


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