Maraca Music

Maraca Music (6)

I’ve made homemade maracas for Veronika before, but today the idea was to see which one she liked best out of a few variations!

I set out three small snack containers. Make sure whichever container you use has a tight-fitting lid, or one that you can tape shut.

Maraca Music (1)

The first received a few scoops of dried beans, the second some dried orzo pasta, and the third a little bit of dried rice.

Maraca Music (2)

Next I presented them to her to shake. Veronika has loved bopping along to music lately, so she loved having a container in her hand to shake, too. Beans were a big hit!

Maraca Music (3)

She seemed to enjoy the subtle sound of the shaking rice when I held it up to her ear.

Maraca Music (4)

Of all of them, the orzo seemed easiest for her to shake and made her preferred sound.

Maraca Music (5)

She also loved when I piled the “maracas” into a tower which she could then knock down, or reach over and pick up a container to shake.

Maraca Music (7)

These made for great solo play while I prepared dinner, too!

Maraca Music (8)

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