Puppet Play


Puppet Play (9)

Veronika and I played with puppets today in a few cute ways. Babies adore puppets, likely earning you huge grins no matter how amateur your show. So pull out the puppets or make a few, and have fun!

For a simple homemade version, consider making puppets for whatever song or story your baby currently likes best. Veronika loves Itsy Bitsy Spider, so I made a nice big spider (a purple color, cute top hat and smile ensured that he was a friendly spider, and yes I know that my arachnid is missing a set of legs), and a bright orange sun.

Puppet Play (1)

Tape your puppets to popsicle sticks and you’re ready for the show!

Puppet Play (7)

I sat Veronika down in her crib which made the perfect “stage.” As I sang the song, the spider and the sun took turns coming out – much to her delight!

Puppet Play (8)

Next we moved on to hand puppets.

Puppet Play (2)

I regaled her with characters popping up over the crib rail, everything from a doctor to a firefighter to a pirate.

Puppet Play (3)

She loved watching the puppet hands move and getting kisses on the cheek.

Puppet Play (4)

Somebody’s having fun!

Puppet Play (5)

There’s a reason shows like Sesame Street have endured for so many years; puppets can bring comfort down the line, as well as amusement. We like using puppets to search for other toys that have gotten lost, or to help illustrate emotions.

Puppet Play (6)

How do you and your baby play with puppets? Please share in the comments!

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