Expanding Star

Expanding Star (6).JPG

We’re on a roll with toothpick tricks around here! This one has a nice patriotic feel to it, so might be fun to save for a holiday. But it was equally neat on a chilly September morning!

You can use plain toothpicks, but for that stars-and-stripes feel, I colored a few toothpicks with red and blue marker.

Expanding Star (1)

Snap five toothpicks in half, but don’t break them all the way through; you now have five V shapes.

Expanding Star (2)

Arrange the Vs on a paper plate so they are touching. For a little added red and blue fun, we dripped a few drops of food coloring around the plate.

Expanding Star (3)

Use a pipette to drip water directly in the center of the toothpicks – excellent for fine motor skills.

Expanding Star (4)

Travis was amazed as his star began expanding outward.

Expanding Star (5)

“It’s still growing!” he marveled. The star stopped after that, but then there was lots of fun to be had dripping water over our food coloring to make big blobs, and mixing it all together.

Expanding Star (7)

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