Poster Board Puzzles

Poster Puzzles (9).JPG

These giant puzzles are a cinch to make and just hard enough to put together. On other words, super fun.

On a large piece of poster board, draw any puzzle picture you and your kids like. I kept one simple for Travis with a heart shape in the middle and a squiggle around the outer edge.

Poster Puzzles (3)

He drew on the second piece of poster board, and I reminded him he’d need cues to know which pieces lined up where (and eventually added the circle in the center).

Poster Puzzles (2)

Draw 5 or 6 big lines from the outer edge to the center; cut along these lines to make your puzzle pieces.

Poster Puzzles (6)

Now put it all back together again! Travis was so pleased seeing his drawing line up.

Poster Puzzles (4)

Some of the pieces neededto be turned and fiddled, and then success.

Poster Puzzles (5)

You’ll notice that little sister Veronika loved the giant pieces of poster board and watching it all take shape! Feel free to give younger siblings a marker for scribbling, too, as long as you’re sure they’ll keep the ink on the big poster board pieces.

Poster Puzzles (1)

I had one happy scribbler, and one proud puzzle solver!

Poster Puzzles (7)

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