Little Helper

Little Helper (2).JPG

Veronika’s at that delightful age, just shy of one year, when babies want to be your little helper. Ever notice how toddlers toddle over to clean up much more readily than your big kid? Yup! Take advantage of this moment to model “please” and “thank you”, and hopefully to set the stage for good habits.

I noticed it today while folding laundry; Veronika was so eager to help me put the socks in the laundry bin.

Little Helper (3)

Don’t harp over the fact that socks are unpaired or washcloths unfolded, just accept the help! With each item in, I gave her a big thank you. “Can you please put the socks in the bin?” I asked her. Yes indeed!

Little Helper (1)

Another great opportunity was at meal time.

Little Helper (4)

“Can I please have your cup?” I asked her, instead of simply taking it from her when she looked finished.

Little Helper (5)

She handed it over with a big smile.

Little Helper (6)

How do you teach your baby manners? Please share in the comments!


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