Glow-in-the-Dark Croquet

Glow Croquet (9).JPGNights are getting longer, which means finally the sun sets before Travis goes to bed. That opens up whole realms of possibility for games we can play! To wit, put those glow-in-the-dark-sticks and bracelets (ubiquitous this close to Halloween!) to novel use with this game of mini croquet.

First, we painted a piece of large cardboard. Travis chose a sparkly blue, thinking that would look like a starry night sky against our glowing wickets. Paint two coats and let dry.

Glow Croquet (1)

Glue on paper straws around the entire rim of the cardboard as bumpers; let dry.

Glow Croquet (2)

At first, we made straw mallets by cutting a 2-inch piece of straw and gluing crosswise on a second straw to form a T. These didn’t hold up well, so read on for our quick fix.

Glow Croquet (3)

To make the wickets, poke holes in the cardboard. Activate 4 glow bracelets (or up to 8 if you want more wickets!) and insert into the holes, bending each one into an upside-down U.

Glow Croquet (4)

Add arrows with white-out or white paint showing the direction of play.

Glow Croquet (5)

Have each player select a different color pom pom for their ball. Now take turns whacking through the wickets and see who reaches the end first!

Glow Croquet (6)

As mentioned, our straw mallets didn’t hold up well. No problem! We snapped a few regular glow sticks to activate them, and used these as the mallets.

Glow Croquet (7)

Needless to say, Travis was smitten with the game. Anything that glows is always a hit!

Glow Croquet (8)


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