Picture This, Sing That

Picture This Sing That (4)

At just-shy of one year old, Veronika has very firm opinions about her favorite songs, and your little one no doubt does, too. Make it easy for pre-verbal kids to pick a song with visual clues!

For this activity, I went to the print shop to get brightly-colored high-quality images of a few favorite tunes. There was a cute spider for Itsy Bitsy Spider, a bright yellow bus for Wheels on the Bus, and a farm scene for Old Macdonald Had a Farm. I showed her one image and then sang that song.

Picture This Sing That (1)

Pretty soon, she made the connection between image and song.

Picture This Sing That (6)

Her big smiles made it clear she was having fun.

Picture This Sing That (5)

Wheels on the Bus is her hands-down favorite. She saw the yellow bus and immediately began swishing her “wipers”.

Picture This Sing That (2)

Later, I gave her the choice of all three pictures in the playroom. Sure enough, she selected the bus right away, so we sang that one.

Picture This Sing That (7)

To add to the visuals, you can even add props! Soon she was scooting a bus back and forth as we sang Wheels.

Picture This Sing That (8)

And playing with animals as we sang Old Macdonald.

Picture This Sing That (9)

What’s your baby’s favorite song? Please share in the comments!

Picture This Sing That (3)


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