Toppling Tower

Toppling Towers (8)

Chances are you have lots of empty snack boxes if you have kids. Instead of recycling, set them aside and build up a collection. Now you have all you need for building towers with your baby!

For about a week, I saved every empty snack box and cereal boxes. Tape the tops closed, if needed, so no edges stick out. First, I dumped out the bag in front of Veronika. Instant fun!

Toppling Towers (1)

Then we got building. You can encourage your baby to place one box on top of another, but don’t be surprised if the preferred activity is knocking down! This post is called toppling tower, after all.

Toppling Towers (2)

We even got into some pretend play and made a garage for her vehicles.

Toppling Towers (4)

Add in real building blocks to make the structure more complicated (soft foam ones are my favorite for this age).

Toppling Towers (5)

This tower, too, needed to be toppled of course.

Toppling Towers (6)

This kind of early STEM activity will help build new connections in your baby’s brain, plus provide lots of enjoyment!

Toppling Towers (7)


Toppling Towers (3)


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