Baby Flying

Baby Flying (5)

Veronika went flying today! Ok, she didn’t really board an airplane, but here are three fun ways to turn your little one into a plane. Play them now before he or she is too heavy! Photo credit for all three versions goes to big brother Travis, who mostly managed to capture the antics in frame.

For the first method, stand with your baby between your legs, lying down on his or her tummy. I lifted Veronika up, supporting firmly beneath her stomach, and gently swung her back and forth.

Baby Flying (1)

For this one I love to sing the “shake them low” verse from Shake Those Simmons Down; it gets a laugh every time!

Baby Flying (2)

For the next version, she was in higher airspace: Do more of a football tuck with your arm under your baby’s chest, and zoom him or her back and froth. Airplane noises encouraged!

Baby Flying (3)

The final version suggested actually holding one hand and one foot and swinging baby around in circles. This sounded like a good way to pop a joint from a socket, so I held Veronika a little more firmly, but she loved the circling spins. Whee!

Baby Flying (4)

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