World Hello Day

World Hello Day (2)
Well, hello! It turns out that today (November 2) is World Hello Day, and Travis boldly accepted the challenge I set him: To say hi to ten people over the course of the day.

He was so proud with each chance that came while out of the house. A big hello to the woman next to us in the parking lot, a proud hello to the cashier at the drugstore, hello to the librarians when we stopped in for books, and more.

World Hello (3)

Each time, he turned to me with pride and said, “That’s three” and so on, until he reached 10.

World Hello (5)

Little sister wanted to get in on the hello fun, too, as she practices how to wave!

World Hello (4)

For more hello fun, we made big posters in languages we know. Travis is learning Spanish at school, so I helped him with the spelling of “hola”, and he decorated it for his Spanish teacher.

World Hello Day (1)

What new ways can you think of to say hello to neighbors and friends? Please share in the comments!

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