Glowing Hula Hoop

Glowing Hula Hoop (6)

Daylight savings means we have a few extra hours of dark before bed, and that means Travis and I can do projects that require a little extra darkness! Kids will go wild for this glowing hula hoop. You just need a few special items to put it together.

We have a hula hoop that snaps together, which was perfect because to start, you’ll need to open up the hula hoop and dump in a little sand. A funnel helped keep this step neat and tidy. Snap the hula hoop back together.

Glowing Hula Hoop (1)

Wind EL wire (available at Amazon) around the outside of the hula hoop. Secure with zip-ties, trimming them down if a long end remains.

Glowing Hula Hoop (2)

In a pinch, use electrical tape to secure the wire to the hula hoop in a few places. Add batteries to the wire’s battery pack, and use the clip on the back of it to hook onto the hula hoop through one of the zip ties. You’re ready for glow time!

Glowing Hula Hoop (3)

After dark, we turned out the lights and did the hula!

Glowing Hula Hoop (4)

Travis actually preferred not even having it around his waist; he just loved rolling it, spinning it, and testing out the feature on our EL wire that made the lights steady or blinking.

Glowing Hula Hoop (5)

What fun after dark!

Glowing Hula Hoop (7)

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