Rainbow CD

Rainbow CD (3)

If a gray day has you wishing for rainbows, make some at home with this easy craft! It’s just one of several ways Travis and I have made light after dark, lately.

We made our project a bit whimsical by turning it into a sort of “hunt” for the rainbow at the end of a pot of gold. That meant we wanted to decorate our CD with shamrocks. To make them, use a heart-shaped hole punch.

Rainbow CD (1)

For every shamrock, fit 3 hearts together into a clover-shape. Tape the hearts to the back of a blank CD.

Rainbow CD (4)

Now head some place dark, and shine a light!

Rainbow CD (5)

Travis loved holding the flashlight and seeing the rainbows appear on the wall. We experimented with different angles; if he held the light directly over the CD, the rainbow was like a laser line on the CD itself.

Rainbow CD (6)

If he held the light close to the floor, the rainbow appeared on the wall, growing bigger or smaller as he altered the angle.

Rainbow CD (7)

Note: there’s no need to decorate your CD to make this craft work, but it does add a nice touchy of whimsy!

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