Sensory Activity: Dry Pasta Noodles

Sensory Dry Pasta (1)

The last time I gave Veronika pasta as a sensory item, it was cooked and she was tiny (she looks so little even though this was only 5 months ago!) Now for my bigger girl, the item of the day was dry pasta! I’ve seen sensory bins like this done with dried macaroni, but I chose larger cavatappi noodles just in case she tried to eat one. Little did I know how much fun would be had with this simple activity!

I set out a bin with the pasta, along with a few containers that it could be scooped into, a big plastic spoon, and a larger jug.

Sensory Dry Pasta (1)

Veronika instantly knew she wanted to transfer the pasta to the jug but couldn’t quite figure out the mechanics.

Sensory Dry Pasta (2)

I helped her along with the ladle. What fun when it landed in the jug with a plink!

Sensory Dry Pasta (3)

The smaller containers I had set out were great for scooping up pasta. With the lids on, these were just like maracas.

Sensory Dry Pasta (5)

Veronika also loved transferring pasta piece by piece from the small container back to the big bin. Over and over!

Sensory Dry Pasta (6)

What I hadn’t anticipated was how much even my 5 year old would love this sensory tray!

Sensory Dry Pasta (7)

He loved filling the jug, shaking it, and playing some imaginary game involving the pasta pieces. Soon they were happily sharing, and I loved seeing them play together.

Sensory Dry Pasta (8)

Once the jug was all filled up, Veronika looked so pleased!

Sensory Dry Pasta (9)

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