Corn Meal to Explore

Snesory Cornmeal (7)

It’s getting too cold for outdoor sandboxes, so today I made one for Veronika indoors… with corn meal! I simply dumped an old container of corn meal on a pizza pan, set out a few scoops, and let her begin to explore.

The scoops themselves seemed to delight her with their bright colors, First she just wanted to play with these…

Snesory Cornmeal (1)

…but soon found her way over to the corn meal.

Snesory Cornmeal (2)

Unlike anything gloppy, she had no hesitation getting fingers in dry corn meal. She picked up little light fingerfuls and watched it rain down into a cup, then dumped them out and started over.

Snesory Cornmeal (6)

What fine motor skills! Next, I added cars, because you can make great tracks through cornmeal. If you have any toy construction vehicles like dump trucks or diggers, this is the perfect way to use them. But for Veronika I added a few favorites: a fire truck, school bus, and mail truck.

Snesory Cornmeal (3)

She loved vrooming them in the corn meal, especially once she had a thin layer of it on the floor.

Snesory Cornmeal (10)

I let the happy play continue until we had to leave the house.

Snesory Cornmeal (11)

To clean up, I dusted off her pants, swept the cornmeal into the dust bin, and that was that!

Snesory Cornmeal (9)

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