String of Floaters

String of Floaters (2).JPG

It’s never too early to introduce a little science at tub time! Older toddlers will love experimenting with what sinks and what floats, and perhaps understanding a little bit of why. But for my one-year-old tonight, this activity was more about delighting with the visual of flotation!

Gather items around the house that float: corks, Styrofoam, and wooden beads are all perfect. I strung these items together in one big line. Now it was ready to be a boat!

String of Floaters (3)

Veronika loved towing the items along, running her fingers over each of the different materials and dragging them through the water.

String of Floaters (4)

I also cut a sponge into a few different shapes, like rectangles, diamonds, and triangles, and added these pieces to the tub.

String of Floaters (1)

Veronika loved grabbing the sponges and discovering she could squeeze them. Then she began scrubbing at the Styrofoam with the sponge pieces; cleaning and learning, what a double win!

String of Floaters (6)

We will definitely get good mileage out of this homemade tub toy. As always, make sure water play is 100% supervised.

String of Floaters (7)

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