Write a Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa (5)

Christmas is 25 days away, and if you want to start the holiday off on a magical note for your kids, consider having them write to Santa!

Travis and I sat down with paper and markers (in red and green of course), and talked through his list.

Letter to Santa (2)

I helped him sound out and spell each item, which was great handwriting practice, too.

Letter to Santa (4)

His list included current favorites like Star Wars figures (Boba Fett, Kylo Ren) and a winter vest.

To make the letter truly special requires a little parental trickery. Write back a letter from Santa in response to your child. I used markers to disguise my handwriting.

Letter to Santa (3)

Now seal both letters in an envelope addressed to your child, and mark the return address as “Santa, The North Pole.” Don’t forget a stamp! Place this inside a larger envelope, addressed to the following:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

In return, you’ll receive a true North Pole postmark on the return letter from “Santa”. USPS recommends mailing by December 7. So make those lists and check them twice!

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