Blanket Waves

Bounce Blanket (2)

Looking for instant entertainment with a one-year-old? All you need is one soft blanket and there’s fun to be had. As a bonus: this one-item game is perfect when traveling!

I sat down holding one edge of a small blanket, with Veronika on the other side. At first, she wasn’t holding on, but I demonstrated how to shake the blanket.

Bounce Blanket (1)

Say or sing funny rhymes as you go. First I chanted, “shaaaaaake and… stop!” This got huge laughter.

Bounce Blanket (4)

Then I started saying, “fastfastfastfast and slooow slooow slooow.” Again, I was rewarded with big grins, and now she picked up her edge of the blanket and wanted to join in.

Bounce Blanket (3)

We did lots more shaking, plus waving it up and down as I sang silly song verses. You can also play little games of a peekaboo. So grab a blanket and play along!

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