Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Decorate Table (4).JPG

Just a quick post tonight on some holiday decor from our table this year! Travis got to help out in a few ways.

For starters, we colored in the place cards that came with his Thanksgiving Table Raddish Kids.

Decorate the Table (1)

These were good practice for writing names of family members, too!

Decorate Table (1)

He also helped with the centerpiece, helping to arrange a few decorative gourds next to a bouquet of flowers.

Decorate Table (2)

You can also show your child how to fold napkins into “turkey feathers”. Accordion-pleat cloth napkins and arrange on every plate.

Decorate Table (3)

Finally, no vegan table is complete without a celebratory roast.

Decorate Table (5)

We named our roast Hank Williams after the turkey we adopted from Farm Sanctuary this year. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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