LED Holiday Luminary

LED Xmas Tree (6)

This little holiday project actually falls under Kiwi Co’s Tinker Crate designation (for ages 9 and up!) but I knew it would be feasible for my gadget-loving kindergartner with some grown-up assistance.

The very first step is to put the batteries in the provided battery pack. Travis has had practice in this area, but use your judgement based on your child’s age and experience with batteries.

LED Xmas Tree (1)

Next we slipped the provided LED light into the wooden base. Kids can choose between a green one or white one, and Travis chose green! I did the actual attaching of wires for him. We tested our battery – success! – before switching off the switch for now.

LED Xmas Tree (2)

Time to decorate the tree: rub sandpaper over the provided plastic tree shape briefly, which will give it the look of “branches”.

LED Xmas Tree (3)

Travis loved decorating the tree with the provided stickers, including ornaments, candy canes, holly berries, and more.

LED Xmas Tree (4)

When he declared it done, we used sticky dots to secure the tree to the provided wooden frame. This is then inserted over the battery and secured into the stand with sticky foam dots.

It was time to turn the battery to “on”. What a beautiful addition to our holiday display!

LED Xmas Tree (5)

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