Old English Crackers

Christmas Crackers (6).JPG

Every year at Christmas dinner, we pull about old-fashioned Christmas crackers. If you don’t know what these are, it’s a British holiday tradition, featuring a cardboard tube wrapped in shiny paper. When pulled apart, it makes a loud “crack!” (hence the name) and the recipient finds a joke or toy inside.

This year, Travis and I made a homemade version! I bought a few trinkets at the toy shop that could fit inside toilet paper tubes. Mini tins of putty, mood rings, and jingle bell necklaces were all perfect!

Christmas Crackers (1)

Cut a 12-inch square of holiday wrapping paper, and wrap around the empty toilet paper tube. Twist the edges and secure with pretty ribbon.

Christmas Crackers (2)

Now cut the tube in half. Travis helped place a toy inside each tube, as well as a joke from his Raddish Kids Holiday Traditions crate; you can also write your own jokes on cardstock. Tape the two halves of the tube back together.

Christmas Crackers (4)

Cut a second piece of wrapping paper, this time measuring 12 inches by 4 inches. Wrap around the tube to conceal that you’ve cut it in half. Your cracker is now ready to pop!

Christmas Crackers (5)

We repeated 6 times so everyone at Christmas dinner will receive one… But Travis already stole one mood ring because he loved it so much, which means one unlucky Christmas Goose is going to receive an empty cracker! Chances are that’s going to be mommy.

Christmas Crackers (3)

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