Hit the Target

Hit the Target (6)

With a little set-up in advance, this is an easy game to help fill a dreary winter day indoors!

While Veronika was napping, I used a hot glue gun to affix Velcro squares (the scratchy side) to several soft golf balls.

Hit the Target (1)

Next, I cut a few simple shapes from felt, like circles, hearts, and triangles. If you’re feeling more ambitious, cut teddy bears or other animal shapes, too! I then used hot glue to attach these to a recycled piece of cardboard.

Hit the Target (2)

When she woke up, I showed her how to toss the balls towards the felt, at which point they stick! She was fascinated.

Hit the Target (5)

It was hard for her to get the concept of putting the balls on herself, preferring to hold the golf balls instead of releasing her grip.

Hit the Target (3)

But she did like pulling them off the Velcro, no doubt intrigued by the tug of resistance.

Hit the Target (4)

I’m going to keep this game around since it’s one that will grow with her. The felt shapes provide a little early learning, and she’ll be able to approach the game differently as her tossing skills improve.

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