Go to a Boat Show

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It’s been quite a while since we did a “field trip” with Veronika, but today we had the opportunity to take her to her first boat show!

Don’t shy away from crowded places like these with a toddler in tow. My best advice: bring a small stroller, not the bulkier kind that goes with a travel system. This allows for storage of diaper bags and lunch bags and coats without making it tough to navigate the crowds. Then hit the show! Just the vantage point from above was exciting.

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Once inside the show, there is so much about boats for little hands to love. Wheels to turn and buttons to press..

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…soft seats to scamper over, and hidden berths below decks to explore.

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Pontoon-style boats were a favorite; from a parent’s point of view, these are great because there are no tricky stairs or ladders to navigate.

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Boat shows often feature hands-on activities for kids, too. Veronika loved watching the older children splashing in kids-only paddle boats!

Go to Boat Show (1)

Next she got to paint a wooden boat to take home.

Go to Boat Show (2)

In sum, the event was a splash!

Go to Boat Show (5)

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