Touch Adventure

Touch Adventure (1)

Veronika makes it quite clear when we’re out and about these days that she’s no longer a baby, content to sit and watch the world. She wants to touch and explore! This “touch adventure” game is one you can play anywhere – a restaurant, a waiting room, a playground – and will hopefully help pass the time with a curious toddler. For the sake of photographs, we also played a round at home today!

The idea is just to look around you, select and object, and put your toddler’s hand on it. Describe everything he or she is feeling, and invite them to hold the object. Some children may just want to look at first, which is just fine, but Veronika definitely wanted to hold.

A stuffed animal was soft and fluffy.

Touch Adventure (2)

A ball was hard and smooth. Duplo blocks were bumpy.

Touch Adventure (3)

A tea cup was cold and metallic.

Touch Adventure (4)

Now that she had the idea, we could play out and about! At the library, a pom pom was crinkly and scratchy.

Touch Adventure var

A toy pirate was plastic and hard.

Touch Adventure altAt a restaurant, ravioli was soft, warm and squishy.

Touch Adventure (6)

You get the idea! You can literally play this game anywhere, so let the touch adventures begin.

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