Kindergarten Home School Week 4: Monday

Home School 16 c

Having posted a weekly round-up of home school last week, I realized I really prefer to return to a daily post. Although the activities are fairly simple, what I’m aiming to capture is the daily ups and downs, struggles and successes. Hopefully you, as readers, can follow along on this journey as we all live through this historical COVID-19 moment.

9-10: Circle time/ELA. Circle time is quite fun now, and gets Travis in the right mindset! We sing the morning songs and baby sister claps along. We jumped right to ELA from there, today focusing on rhyming. After reading an old favorite (Frog on a Log), we all colored in rhyme flashcards, little sister, too! Travis was fussy by the time we cut them out and matched them up, so clearly we needed a break.

Home School 16 a

10-10.30: Recess!

Home School 16 b

10.30-11: Math. Today’s assignment was to sort a set of things. We raided the craft bin, and Travis chose straws and pom poms. I asked him how each set of things was the same, and also how they were different.

Home School 16 d

11-11.30: Social Studies. Travis watched a quick video about schools and who the members of a school community are, then drew the school nurse in an online program.

Home School 16 e

11.30-12.30: Teacher parade: This was the highlight of the day; the teachers of his school arranged a drive-by parade! This meant the chance to socialize with neighbors from a safe 6 feet, and then the thrill of waving as the cars went by, honking their horns and decked out in signs saying “We Miss You”, “We Love You” etc.

12.30-1.30: Lunch/free play.

1.30-2: Spanish. Travis counted to ten in Spanish while hopping on one foot, and then we named Spanish colors as we played a board game.

Home School 16 f

2-3: We took a break from the lesson plan for our own home school lesson on Mardi Gras!

3-3.30: P.E.. His special today would have been gym so we played Flip the Yard; throw a plastic bottle filled with rocks underhand towards a target, like a hula hoop. 2 points if it lands inside, 1 point if it’s touching the rim. First player to 15 points wins! The kids just enjoyed the spring sunshine after.

Home School 16 g

We also squeezed in a few videos from the San Diego Zoo over a late afternoon snack, and Travis designed an “obstacle course” for his classroom’s hermit crabs. In sum, we did a lot. The day simultaneously felt endlessly long and really fast, is that a thing? I felt like I didn’t give my toddler enough attention, so my goal is some quality crafts or games with her in the mix tomorrow!

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