Froot Loop Sand

Froot Loop Sand (10)

This project is a fun way to use up a box of any rainbow colored o-shaped cereal, whether brand name Froot Loops or an organic version.

To start, you’ll need to crush the cereal until very fine, which is half the fun/ Yes you can do this step in a food processor, but I wanted Veronika to get hands-on with it.

Froot Loop Sand (1)

I placed a big batch of the cereal in a large zip-top bag and had her help roll over it (or just whack it at!) with a rolling pin. I helped her out because the finer the “sand” the better the project turns out.

Froot Loop Sand (2)

Next I gave her a glue stick and showed her how to rub all over a piece of construction paper, which she loved!

Froot Loop Sand (3)

Once the paper is really sticky, pour the cereal sand on top. Shake off any excess over a tray, then let dry.

Froot Loop Sand (5)

The colors really do look so pretty! We tried this a second time by pressing a gluey piece of paper down over the cereal sand instead, once it was all in the tray. This didn’t work quite as well, but was a nice variation.

Froot Loop Sand (7)

Of course Veronika was busy with leftover “sand” and a few utensils for quite some time!

Froot Loop Sand (6)

In sum, a great toddler art project.

Froot Loop Sand (8)

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