Power-Up Pancakes

Power Up Pancake (4)

For a kid who recently learned all about circuits and electricity, getting to use an appliance for his own snack today was a big thrill. Add to the electric fun of this recipe by decorating it with a “light bulb”!

First, we needed to reheat a pancake. I showed Travis how to slot it into the toaster, and then carefully press down the button. Of course in doing so he completed a circuit!

Power Up Pancake (1)

To top the pancake, slice the sides from a pear. I asked Travis which one looked most like a light bulb to him, and we used orange marmalade to “glue” his selection on to the pancake. (Alternatively, use apricot jam or any other “light” colored jelly).

Power Up Pancake (2)

Slivered almonds made the perfect decoration for shining light along the sides and bottom of the bulb.

Power Up Pancake (3)


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