Magazine Ripping with Toddlers

Magazine Ripping (2)

I find myself running low on craft supplies these days with stores closed due to coronavirus; it’s just not an option to dash out and buy one or two items! Luckily there are so many items around the house that turn into perfect toddler toys. To whit, today Veronika payed with old magazines!

I sat down with her and a few publications I’d already read, and simply showed her how to rip the pages out. She didn’t need to be shown twice!

Magazine Ripping (7)

If it’s hard for your child to rip out full pages, you can alternatively rip about 20 or so pages ahead of time and give this stack to your child. Or give him or her the option of both: 20 loose sheets plus the rest of the magazine lying nearby.

Magazine Ripping (10)

As for ripping individual pages into small pieces, I started out by making a tear for her to follow on each page, which she could further rend apart.

Magazine Ripping (3)

But as she got the hang of it, she was able to rip even without this helpful start.

Magazine Ripping (6)

I set a little canister next to her, for her to place the ripped pieces of paper into, but she wasn’t terribly interested in doing so.

Magazine Ripping (5)

She did love looking at the pictures as she ripped the pages, though! When she spotted stars (a favorite), so even ran over to proudly show her brother!

Magazine Ripping (9)

In sum, an easy way to keep hands busy.

Magazine Ripping (8)

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