Stop (3)

“Stop” and “go” are important concepts, and there are lots of fun ways to introduce them to your toddler through play. Here’s a movement game with a few props thrown in for extra enjoyment.

Stop (2)

To make STOP and GO signs, I cut shapes with the words on colored construction paper: a red octagon for the former and a green circle for the latter. You can attach these to craft sticks, but I found that wooden kitchen spoons made for sturdier handles that Veronika could hold easily.

Stop (1)

I picked Veronika up and twirled her to the following ditty, holding the green sign:

Round and round and round we go,

Round and round and round we go,

Round and round and round we go.

Round and round and STOP!

Hold up the red sign and stop spinning on the last word of course! After dancing in my arms, the siblings took a turn holding hands and walking in a circle.

Stop (5)

Or sometimes Veronika just twirled herself about, holding the signs and grinning.

Stop (7)

Big brother Travis was a super helper showing her how to freeze at the right moment.

Stop (6)

Chances are your toddler will want to play with the signs even once the ditty fun is done.

Stop (4)

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