Pool Noodle Ball Games

Pool Noodle Ball (12)

After making marshmallow launchers with pool noodles, today we got even craftier with them, setting up two silly sports: a Ball Toss and a Golf Game.

For the former, you’ll need to first make the “hoop”. Fold three long pool noodles into a circle and secure with Duct tape. Travis was so proud helping me with this step, definitely a two person job. Repeat two times, for three rings total.

Pool Noodle Ball (1)

Use garden Velcro strips to attach the three rings together in sort of a triangle, as shown.

Pool Noodle Ball (3)

To make the ball, cut a pool noodle in half vertically. Tie each half into a knot, and fold the ends in.

Pool Noodle Ball (2)

It was a bit tricky to get the knot tight, but the tighter it is, the rounder your ball.

Pool Noodle Ball (15)

Time to slam dunk!

Pool Noodle Ball (6)

This game would of course be awesome to play in a pool, but we loved it even on dry land.

Pool Noodle Ball (9)

As you can probably guess, the ball and rings alone were great fun to play with, even when we weren’t keeping score.

Pool Noodle Ball (10)

Then we repurposed the pool noodles to set up the latter game outside. Highlights magazine billed this as golf, but it looked more like croquet to me! For your wickets, fold a pool noodle into an arc and anchor into the ground using two wooden skewers.

Pool Noodle Ball (11)

For a club, cut a notch near the bottom of one long pool noodle. Bend and secure with duct tape to hold the curvature in place. Travis thought this was fun, but then declared it too easy! We’ll have to think of ways to make it trickier.

Pool Noodle Ball (13)

Looking for other ways to get moving at home this summer? Check out some of the simple “sports” we set up last week.

Pool Noodle Ball (7)

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