Block Sorter

Block Sorter (10)

Veronika loves her bus shape-sorter toy, with slots on top for squares, triangles, and circles, but with one caveat: she can’t open it back up to retrieve the shapes once they’re inside! I solved the problem for her today with this quick DIY version.

Block Sorter (1)

Use any shoebox with a lid (brother Travis’s old Kiwi Crate was perfect) and cut holes for each shape you’ll be using. Veronika loved watching me work: “Mommy’s cutting a triangle!” and the triangle had to go right in. “Mommy’s making a square!” She tested each hole as it was made.

Block Sorter (6)

Now all of the shapes were inside.

Block Sorter (9)

I showed her that she could open the lid… all by herself! She was thrilled. “Triangle is inside!” she said, but not for long. She took them out for a second round, now having to find and fill all three holes with the shapes in a jumble, which was a great challenge.

Block Sorter (7)

I loved that she could use this toy solo. She was evidently so proud of it that she wanted to pick it up and carry it around with her!

Block Sorter (11)

A definite hit, for almost no effort at all on my part.

Block Sorter (8)

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