Spoon Match

Spoon Match (4)

Veronika loves playing with spoons, whether little measuring spoons or big cooking spoons. I decided to sneak a little learning in while she had them out as a toy today.

I broke apart two sets of measuring spoons and lined them up as large (tablespoon), medium (teaspoon), and small (1/4 teaspoon). Then I encouraged Veronika to match big with big, little with little, etc.

Spoon Match (1)

Grated this task was tricky because one set was heart-shaped and the other a standard oval, so they weren’t necessarily intuitive as a “match”. But she sort of got the idea, especially with the two small ones.

Spoon Match (3)

She fairly quickly returned to just playing with the spoons, but it never hurts to sneak in some quick learning!

Spoon Match (2)

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