Car Busy Bag

Car Busy Bag (3)

We’ll be in the car a lot more this fall than back in the spring, but I don’t want Veronika feeling bored as we shuttle big brother to and from school each day. I created a toddler-sized tote full of goodies for her to make car rides feel special.

For the tote itself, I repurposed an old craft, a bag with her handprint from when she turned one. It was just the right size to tuck in a few items.

Car Busy Bag (4)

First, add something to read. Small board books are great, but Veronika especially loves flipping through her Hello magazines.

Car Busy Bag (6)

Next, I tucked in a few small toys. Alphabet robots and mini toy trucks were perfect. These are small enough that she can stash them in her seat’s cup holder when she tires of playing.

Car Busy Bag (2)

Don’t forget the tunes! I’m so thankful for all the Music Together CDs we can rotate through so we never get stuck with the same song on repeat. That said, Veronika definitely has her favorites from each collection!

Car Busy Bag (7)

Finally, don’t forget a snack. Think mess-free and easy for a toddler to self-feed, like a dry O cereal or crackers.

Car Busy Bag alt

We’re ready to roll!

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