Paper Bag Blocks

Paper Bag Blocks (14)

My original intent with this project was to make BIG blocks for Veronika from large grocery store paper bags. I decided the idea was rather impractical, since I would need lots of newspaper to stuff them all, and almost never buy a hard copy of the paper anymore.

Instead, armed with lots of paper lunch bags, I opted for this smaller-scale version.

To make each block, fold over the top third or so of the bag to create a mark; this is the line that you will fill up to. Crumple up pieces of an old magazine and stuff into the bags. Fold that top third edge over and tape shut.

Paper Bag Blocks (4)

Okay, so these blocks don’t come out perfectly square and are almost more like little pillows or balls, perhaps, than blocks. But in short order we had a whole pile.

Paper Bag Blocks (5)

Veronika first loved picking up big handfuls and tossing them.

Paper Bag Blocks (7)

You can also enlist your toddler to be the decorator, using marker or crayon to color on the blocks.

Paper Bag Blocks (9)

Because she knew I had stuffed them full of magazine pages, she occasionally decided it was more fun to rip one open and pull the pages out.

Paper Bag Blocks (10)

Next we tried to build her a little “brick house”. You can expand on this idea and make garages for toy cars or little houses for dolls. If you have enough, line them up like the sides of a maze or tunnel and encourage your toddler to crawl through!

Paper Bag Blocks (13)

But as mentioned, Veronika’s favorite thing to do with them was to scoop up huge armfuls and toss them. She nicknamed them “bikers” (she’s into bicycles lately!) and ran over to show them to me with pride.

Paper Bag Blocks (15)

Over the weekend, I did put together one giant version for her. For this one, fold the top third of a grocery store bag over, then fill with crumpled newspaper to the line. Fold over that top third and secure with heavy tape like masking tape or packing tape.

Paper Bag Blocks alt

Your toddler will feel so strong carrying around his or her huge me-sized block! 

Paper Bag Blocks final

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