Parking Game

Parking Game (10)

Here’s a fancier spin on a cars and colors game I played with Veronika as she was just starting to learn her colors. Now that she knows them well, this version involved more of a craft, and had an imaginative component, too.

For each garage, you’ll need a thin cardboard box. Big cereal boxes are perfect, but Veronika loved the game so much that I had to raid the pantry for cracker boxes and oatmeal boxes to add to her little town.

For each parking garage, use a craft knife to cut an opening for toy cars to drive into. Use masking tape to close any loose flaps on the boxes.

Parking Game (1)

Cover each with a different color of construction paper. Originally I intended just to make a blue garage and red garage for her. “What color is it?” I asked, holding up the paper. “Blue!” she said with delight.

Parking Game (2)

I used double-sided tape to make quick work of covering each box instead of waiting for glue to dry.

Parking Game (3)

In short order, Veronika could drive in her cars.

Parking Game (5)

We sorted the toy cars by color, and I parked them relatively near the corresponding garage before asking prompts like, “Can the red cars drive into the red garage?”

Parking Game (7)

Sometimes I tried to trick her with a car pulling up to the “wrong” spot. She quickly spotted it each time!

Parking Game (6)

She had so much fun driving the cars in and then dumping them out, too.

Parking Game (9)

Pretty soon we had a whole little town. Between making the craft, playing with it, and returning to it over the course of a few hours, this made for a wonderful morning activity.

Parking Game (8)

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