Glitter Shapes

Glitter Shapes (7)

You’ll combine early learning (shape-recognition, colors) and messy art with this fun toddler project!

To start, I cut out simple basic shapes from bright construction paper, using a different color for each shape. Soon we had a pile of green rectangles, purple triangles, red hearts, orange circles, and more. As I worked, I asked Veronika to identify each one, and she was a willing participant.

Glitter Shapes (1)

Now for the mess! Have your toddler smear a glue stick all over each shape. One or both sides, it won’t matter!

Glitter Shapes (2)

Place one or two shapes at a time in a small shoebox with a lid, then dump in copious amounts of glitter. Yes, toddlers, the more glitter the merrier!

Glitter Shapes (3)

Now seal the box and shake. I hadn’t counted on small holes in the bottom of our box that allowed some glitter to escape, but luckily we were using large pieces of glitter that were easy to sweep up.

Glitter Shapes (5)

Needless to say, the result was worth the mess.

Glitter Shapes (4)

Open the lid and reveal to your child how each shape is now sparkly. Veronika loved them!

Glitter Shapes (6)


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