Pretend Islands

Pretend Islands (6)

Here’s a great spin on using cushions to practice gross motor skills in the house. Simply up the ante by telling your kids the floor is hot lava!

Okay, so a two-year-old might not entirely understand the concept, but certainly your child will pick up on your enthusiasm. The more excited you act, the more quickly he or she will play along!

Pretend Islands (1)

I tossed our couch pillows on the floor and said, “Quick Veronika, the floor is lava! Jump onto a pillow,” and encouraged her to hop from one pillow to the next. She eagerly dove into the game.

Pretend Islands (2)

To switch it up after a few rounds, we made Pillow Island instead (a giant batch of pillows in the center of the rug), as a safe zone from the lava.

Pretend Islands (4)

This was so fun for her to clamber around on, and we connected it to the nearby volcano (couch) with a bridge (little pillows).

Pretend Islands (5)

Big brother Travis loved the imaginative element of the game, and he helped play up the lava scenario. He was also so proud he could run across the pillow bridge without falling.

Pretend Islands (7)

What a great way to squeeze in some exercise right after breakfast!

Pretend Islands (8)

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