Chase the Rainbow

Chase the Rainbow (7)

Here’s a great activity whether your goal is to encourage siblings to work together, or whether you just need to occupy your child the next time you hear: “I’m bored.” Task them with making a rainbow!

I laid out a few blocks to set the kids on the right track, arranging a few of each color in a circle, and then they were off and hunting for other items around the room that fit our rainbow.

Chase the Rainbow (2)

Veronika was so proud when she could add an item to the right color segment of our circle.

Chase the Rainbow (5)

There’s the green pile!

Chase the Rainbow (6)

Big brother Travis was very proud every time he could fill in where we needed a color the most, like a purple cape from the dress-up bin to beef up the purple pile.

Chase the Rainbow (3)

Soon we had a varied group of blocks, cars, animals, dollhouse furniture, and more.

Chase the Rainbow (4)

This was a great way for a toddler to see the various shades of a color, too, as opposed to standard bold primary colors. So go ahead and tell your kids to chase after the rainbow!


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