Brown Sugar Sand Castles

Brown Sugar Sand Castles (4)

If you’re missing the beach a few months out from summer, bring the beach to you with a material that molds almost as well as real sand… Brown sugar!

This game was part summer nostalgia, part sensory bin. I set out a big bowl of brown sugar, along with a tray to hold our “beach” and a few craft sticks to use as tools.

Brown Sugar Sand Castles (1)

I then gave Veronika a variety of paper cups that we could use like sand buckets and showed her how to pack the brown sugar in firmly. Upend the cups and you’ll have tiny sand castles!

Brown Sugar Sand Castles (2)

Of course it was equally fun to break apart the towers with the craft sticks.

Brown Sugar Sand Castles (5)

If your children have the patience, they can build up layer upon layer for an intricate sand castle. Around here, it was the breaking apart that won the day.

Brown Sugar Sand Castles (3)

Veronika loved that she could scoop up brown sugar on the edge of a craft stick and fill her little cups.

Brown Sugar Sand Castles (6)

She also loved pouring brown sugar from one cup to the other. And the best part about this “sand” is that it’s 100% edible and sweet. That means no tears if some ends up in your toddler’s mouth. And that sure beats summer sand!

Brown Sugar Sand Castles (7)


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