Butterfly Migration Map

Butterfly Migration (1)

As a final component of Travis’s Raddish Kids about the Day of the Dead in Mexico, he learned about the connection between the festival and the annual arrival of monarch butterflies. This made for a neat lesson on a day off from school.

We started with a read-aloud of Uncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead, helping Travis understand how the festival and butterflies were linked.

Butterfly Migration (2)

We then printed a map of the migration paths and Travis drew red arrows for the different flight routes. Older children can draw their own map showing the United States and Mexico, rather than simply coloring a template from online. You might also consider watching a nature show or Wild Kratt’s episode on the monarch migration to help kids appreciate the dangers undertaken on the journey!

Butterfly Migration (5)

Of course there was no better way to explain the migration than to make it hands-on. We’re lucky enough to live not far from a butterfly garden, so we took a special trip!

butterflies (2)

The kids marveled as they watched the delicate wings of the butterflies, or paused to see them sip nectar from flowers and soft fruit.

butterflies (8)

Travis’s favorite was whenever a butterfly landed on him!

butterflies (9)

He even brought wings home from the gift shop for further exploration  under the magnifying glass!

Butterfly Migration (3)

Now he could really appreciate what it meant for this delicate wings to fly 3,000 miles.


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