Coral Reef Creation Station

Coral Reef Creation Station (6)

Here’s a fun way to make a pretty catch-all for art or school supplies, particularly if your child needs to keep everything handy for remote learning sessions this year.

To start, you’ll need any small box or shoebox; we recycled a Kiwi Crate. First, we lined it with blue construction paper to make an ocean background, adhering with a glue stick.

Coral Reef Creation Station (2)

Next, draw coral reef features on thick white paper. Travis enjoyed using pastels, but crayons or markers would also work.

Coral Reef Creation Station (1)

We soon had a few pieces of coral and one friendly-looking fish to cut out and glue to our blue backdrop.

Coral Reef Creation Station (3)

On the inside of the box, tape down plastic cups or similar containers (such as recycled yogurt containers). Fill up with all those supplies!

Coral Reef Creation Station (4)

Now everything under the sea is right where Travis needs it.

Coral Reef Creation Station (5)


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