Craft-Stick Matching

Craft Stick Matching (7)

Here’s a great DIY puzzle for toddlers who have recently learned their shapes. Matching up the outlines of craft stick is great for fine motor skills, too!

To set up, I arranged jumbo craft sticks on plain white paper and traced the outlines. I made one page each for a triangle, square, and diamond, and decided to trace each shape with a different color just in case we wanted to add a color component to the game.

Craft Stick Matching (1)

I also then colored on the craft sticks with crayon in corresponding colors. We now had a red triangle, green square, and purple diamond.

Craft Stick Matching (3)

Now slip each shape into a zip-top plastic bag and show your toddler how to line the craft sticks up over each outline.

Craft Stick Matching (5)

Because there’s nothing to hold the craft sticks in place as in a puzzle board, Veronika’s shapes were always a little askew, but she certainly had the right idea!

Craft Stick Matching (8)

There was even a happy victory dance after she finished the triangle!

Craft Stick Matching (10)

I loved watching her puzzle through exactly where each stick should go.

Craft Stick Matching (11)

It turned out that she mixed and matched the colors, rather than placing a purple stick in a purple outline, etc., but that was just fine, too.

Craft Stick Matching (9)


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